TONT 38343 二十英尺长的电脑


Back in the days of Windows 95, when Plug and Play was in its infancy, one of the things the Plug and Play team did was push the PCI specification to an absurd extreme.

回到 Windows 95 那时候,当即插即用(译注:链接已失效,指向页面为微软网站上介绍即插即用机制的页面,Web Archive 链接点击此处)年纪还小的时候,即插即用功能的研发组做了一件将 PCI 规范推向极致的事情。

They took a computer and put it at one end of a hallway. They then built a chain of PCI bridge cards that ran down the hallway, and at the end of the chain, plugged in a video card.

他们搬来一台电脑,将其置于走廊的一头,然后用一大溜 PCI 桥接卡从走廊的一头一直串联到另一头,最后在这个桥接卡链的末端插上了一张显卡。

And then they turned it on.


Amazingly, it actually worked. The machine booted and used a video card twenty feet away. (I’m guessing at the distance. It was a long time ago.) It took two people to operate this computer, one to move the mouse and type, and another to watch the monitor at the other end and report where the pointer was and what was happening on the screen.


And the latency was insane.


But it did work and thereby validated the original design.


Other Plug and Play trivia: The phrase “Plug and Play” had already been trademarked at the time, and Microsoft had to obtain the rights to the phrase from the original owners.



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