TONT 38303 为什么应该使用凹陷的用户区域?


The WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE extended window style allows you to create a window whose client area is “sunken”. When should you use this style?

扩展窗体样式 WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE 允许你创建一个用户区域(client area)具有『凹陷』效果的窗口。为什么要使用这种窗口风格呢?

The Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers says in the section on the Design of Visual Elements that the sunken border should be used “to define the work area within a window”.
Specifically what this means is that a sunken client area indicates that the window is a “container”. So, for example, the Explorer contents pane gets a sunken client area since a folder “contains” its elements. Users expect to be able to manipulate the items inside a container. By contrast, a dialog box is not a container, so it doesn’t get a sunken client area.


At least those were the rules back in 1995. Perhaps the rules have changed since then. (Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if they have.)



  1. 基于扁平化而诞生的各种低质设计已经完全把“视觉元素设计”这个概念给毁了,原本扁平化是没错,但是低入门的腹泻式产出让整个行业的品味下降到了粪坑底部。


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