TONT 36363 两则有关 Windows XP 的『Comments?』按钮的回忆


In beta versions of Windows XP, there was special code in the window manager to give every window a link in the upper right corner called “Comments?” which if clicked on displayed a dialog that allowed you to submit feedback to Microsoft about that window.

在 Windows XP 的beta 版本中,窗口管理器里有一段特别设计的代码,用来给每个窗口的右上角添加一个写作『Comments?』(有意见?)的链接,点击它会显示一个对话框,用于向微软提交关于那个窗口的反馈意见。

Since this was a beta release, there was no anonymity when you submitted feedback. (You signed away your anonymity when you agreed to the special beta license agreement and typed in your beta ID number.) Yet we got more than one feedback submission that begin, “Hi, I pirated this copy of Windows XP, and here’s some feedback.”

鉴于这是 beta 版,提交反馈时是没有什么匿名性可言的。(当你签署那张特别的 beta 授权协议并录入了你的 beta ID 时,你就已经让出让了你的匿名权。)不过我们还是收到了不止一份反馈,开头就是:『嗨,我这份 Windows XP 是盗版的,以下是我的反馈。』

In its initial incarnation, the word in the title bar was “Lame”, but people with a weaker sense of humor changed it to the less confrontational “Comments?”. The name “Lame” came from a recurring sketch on local comedy show Almost Live! called “The Lame List, or What’s Weak This Week (brought to you with the help of Seattle’s Heavy Metal community)”.




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