TONT 36053 程序向你抛出了一个问题,但如果作答的话就会爆炸


JeffDav’s story of a program that didn’t like it when he told it where to install reminded me of another program that we dealt with during Windows 95 development.

JeffDav 上那篇关于某个不喜欢被用户指定安装位置的程序的故事,让我想起我们在 Windows 95 开发过程中曾经面对的另一个程序。

This was a big-name program developed by one of the biggest-of-the-big name software companies. Let’s give this program the imaginary name “LitWare”. Its setup program asked you where you wanted the program to be installed, and it suggested “C:\LITWARE”. If you accepted the default, then everything proceeded normally.

那个程序是某个顶尖有名的大公司开发的某个大品牌,这里我们先给它起个虚构的名字,叫 LitWare。这个应用的安装程序会询问你要将其安装到哪个位置,并顺带建议安装到『C:\LITWARE』。如果你直接采纳这个默认值,那么一切都会很顺利。

However, if you changed the default to anything else, the setup program ran to completion, but the program itself wouldn’t run.


Because the program contained the hard-coded path “C:\LITWARE” and insisted that it find its support files in that directory.


At least Jeff’s program realized that it was about to be installed into a directory where it would fail to work!

至少 Jeff 提到的那个程序还晓得自己要被安装到会造成它没法工作的目录里去呢!


附:文章开头提到的 JeffDav 上的文章:《安装的麻烦》(Installation woes)


After successfully getting Windows XP SP2 installed on my laptop, I started installing other software.

在成功把 Windows XP SP2 安装到我笔记本上之后,我开始安装其它的程序。

This post has nothing to do with IE, but I need to vent.

这篇博文跟 IE 没什么关系,但我还是得发泄一下。

Nameless 3rd Party App: Where do you want to install me? How about c:\nameless?

某第三方应用:你要把我安装到什么地方?C:\nameless 这个路径怎么样?

Jeffdav: How about c:\program files\nameless?

Jeffdav:C:\Program Files\nameless 怎么样?

Nameless 3rd Party App: It is a bad idea to install me somewhere with spaces in the path. Continue anyway?


Jeffdav: No. Lame. At least it knows it is lame and told me while I still have a chance to do something about it.


Jeffdav: Okay, fine, c:\nameless.



Nameless Microsoft App: Installing…


Nameless Microsoft App: Installing… <30 minutes later>


Microsoft Windows: You have lost your connection to the wireless LAN! (I was walking to a meeting.)


Nameless Microsoft App: Internal Error 3452. [OK]


Microsoft Windows: You have reconnected to the wireless LAN!


Jeffdav: <clicks OK>


Nameless Microsoft App: Uninstalling…


Nameless Microsoft App: Thanks for playing. Please start from the beginning again.


Of course I did have success stories. Windows was easy to install off the slipstream CD. Putty, as always, was easy to install since setup for putty is simply xcopy.

当然我也成功安装过其它的程序。Windows 从整合好的光盘上安装很简单。Putty 则是一如既往的简单,毕竟只是一行 xcopy 的事。

The moral of this story, I guess, is that Setup is Hard.



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