TONT 35253 日期/时间控制面板不是当日历用的


Although many people use the Date/Time control panel to flip through a calendar, that’s not what it is for. In fact, if you use it that way, you can create all sorts of havoc!


In its original incarnation in Windows 95, the Date/Time control panel changed your date and time. If you clicked through the calendar to see next month, you actually changed your system clock to next month. If you changed your mind and clicked “Cancel”, the Date/Time control panel undid its changes and restored the date to the original date.

在 Windows 95 的『日期/时间设置』控制面板里,其是用来修改系统的日期和时间设置的。如果在里面的日历上点击查看下个月的话,实际上已经立刻将系统日期修改为下个月了,此时如果你改变主意点击『取消』按钮的话,『日期/时间设置』控制面板会撤销你的设置,并将系统事件调回修改之前的值。

In other words, here’s what happened, step by step:


  • On April 1, you open the Date/Time control panel.
  • You change the month to May. The Date/Time control panel changes your system date to May 1. If you are running an appointment calendar program, all appointments from the month of April will fire. (For example, your April 15th alarm to remind you to file your income taxes.) You are annoyed by all these alerts and you cancel them.
  • You decide you didn’t want to change the month to May after all and click Cancel.
  • The Date/Time control panel changes the date back to April 1.
  • On April 15th, your income tax alarm fails to fire because you cancelled it, remember?

In other words, the Date/Time control panel was not designed for letting you flip through a calendar. It was designed for changing the system date and time.


Unaware of its design, people have been using the Date/Time control panel as if it were a calendar, not realizing that it was doing all sorts of scary things behind the scenes. It’s like using a cash register as an adding machine. Sure, it does a great job of adding numbers together, but you’re also messing up the accounting back at the main office!


For Windows 2000, in reluctant recognition of the way people had been mis-using the Date/Time control panel, it was rewritten so that it doesn’t change the system time until you hit the Apply button.

直到 Windows 2000 以后,意识到人们对『日期/时间设置』控制面板的误用,虽然很不情愿,但开发人员还是对其进行了重新编写,使其变成只有在点击『应用』按钮后,新的日期、时间设置才会生效了。

Aaron Margosis shows you how to grant a user permission to change the system date and time without having to make them a full administrator.

Aaron Margosis 在他的文章中介绍了如何获得用户授权来修改系统的日期和时间,而不必将用户提升为具有完全权限的系统管理员



  1. 我查了一下,Windows 从 1.0 到 3.1 以及 Vista 到如今都有单独的日历应用,只有 95 到 XP 这段时间移动到 Office 套件里面了。


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