TONT 33983 可我的 Visual Basic 是专业版!


Back in 1995, I was participating in a chat room on MSN on the subject of device driver development. One of the people in the chat room asked, “Can I write a device driver in Visual Basic?”

1995 年的某一天,我正在 MSN 的聊天室中参与关于设备驱动程序的开发。聊天室里有个人问道,『我能不能用 Visual Basic 来写设备驱动?』

I replied, “Windows 95 device drivers are typically written in low-level languages such as C or even assembly language.”

我回复他,『Windows 95 设备驱动通常是用底层语言来编写的,例如 C 语言,甚至是汇编。』

Undaunted, the person clarified: “But I have Visual Basic Professional.”

此人则毫无畏惧地澄清道:『可是我的 Visual Basic 是专业版。』


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