TONT 41803 再来讲点关于『坏』硬件的故事



My favorite bad CD-ROM drive from Windows 95 was one where the manufacturer cut a corner to save probably twenty-five cents.

Windows 95那时候我最喜欢的『坏』硬件,是某厂商节省了大约25美分的成本造出来的CD-ROM光驱。

The specification for CD-ROM controllers indicates that each can host up to four CD-ROM drives. When you talk to the card, you specify which drive you wish to communicate with.


The manufacturer of a certain brand of controller card decided that listening for the “Which drive?” was too much work, so they ignore the drive select and always return the status of drive 1. So when Windows 95 Plug and Play goes off to detect your CD-ROM drives, it finds four of them.

某品牌CD-ROM光驱控制卡的厂家觉得回应『要与哪个光驱通讯』这种问题太麻烦了,干脆就无视了设备号,并总是返回设备1的状态。由此,当Windows 95的即插即用功能检测光驱时,就找到了四台光驱。(译注:因为该控制卡忽略了设备号,并总是返回设备1的状态,所以当该控制卡的设备1接口上连接了一台光驱时,操作系统查询设备1、2、3、4的状态,就获得了4遍设备1的状态,但操作系统并不知道这一点,换句话说,操作系统被忽悠了。)

Apparently this was a popular card because the question came up about once a week.



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