TONT 34783 你所说的那个叫『网站』的东西是什么?


One reaction I’ve seen when people learn about all the compatibility work done in the Windows 95 kernel is to say,

当人们对 Windows 95 内核所作出的兼容性努力发表意见时,我所知的其中一条是:

Why not add code to the installer wizard [alas, page is now 404] which checks to see if you’re installing SimCity and, if so, informs you of a known design flaw, then asks you to visit Electronic Arts’ webpage for a patch?


Let’s ignore the issue of the “installer wizard”; most people do not go through the Add and Remove Programs control panel to install programs, so any changes to that control panel wouldn’t have helped anyway.


But what about detecting that you’re running SimCity and telling you to get a patch from Electronic Arts’ web site?


Remember, this was 1993. Almost nobody had web sites. The big thing was the “Information Superhighway”. (Remember that? I don’t think it ever got built; the Internet sort of stole its thunder.) If you told somebody, “Go to Electronic Arts’ web site and download a patch”, you’d get a blank stare. What’s a “web site”? How do I access that from Prodigy? I don’t have a modem. Can you mail me their web site?


In Windows XP, when Windows detects that you’re running a program with which it is fundamentally incompatible, you do get a pop-up window directing you to the company’s web site. But that’s because it’s now 2005 and even hermits living in caves have email addresses.

在 Windows XP 中,当 Windows 检测到你运行的程序存在完全不兼容的情况时,你的确会得到一项提示,将你导向开发这个软件的公司的网站。但这是因为这时已经是2005年了,就连住在山洞里的隐士都有电子邮件地址了。

In 1993, things were a little different.


(Heck, even by 1995 things most people did not have Internet access and those few that did used modems. Requiring users to obtain Internet access in order to set the computer clock via NTP would have been rather presumptuous.)



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