TONT 34623 为什么 Windows 的错误报告程序昵称叫『Dr. Watson』?


The nickname for the feature known as Windows Error Reporting is “Dr. Watson”. Where did that name come from?

Windows 的错误报告功能有个昵称叫『Dr. Watson』(华生博士),这个名字是从哪来的呢?

As you have probably guessed, The name Dr. Watson was inspired by the character of Dr. Watson, the assistant to Sherlock Holmes in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.


It is my understanding that the doctor was originally developed as part of Windows 3.0 beta testing. His job was to record data about application crashes to a file, so that the file could be uploaded and included with bug reports. The icon was (and continues to be) a friendly doctor using his stethoscope to investigate a problem.

据我所了解,Dr. Watson 原本是作为 Windows 3.0 的 beta 测试工具被开发出来的,其工作是将崩溃的应用程序的数据记录到文件,以便将其嵌入到bug报告中进行上传。Dr. Watson 的图标曾经(并且至今如此)是一位用听诊器在调查问题的、和善的博士。

The Doctor has remained true to the “capture information about an error” aspect of his job. In the meantime, the word “Watson” has expanded its meaning to encompass anonymous end-user feedback mechanisms in general, such as “Content Watson”. (But if you hear “Watson” by itself, the speaker is almost certainly talking about error reporting.)

Dr. Watson 的工作『获取关于错误的信息』方面的描述一直保持不变。与此同时,Watson 这个词的含义也被扩展,囊括了面向最终用户的匿名反馈事项,例如『Content Watson』这种用法。(不过如果你单独听到 Watson 这个词,那说话者多半肯定是在讨论错误报告这回事。)


  1. 印象当中在 Windows XP 的 system32 目录看到过 Dr. Watson。因为无法直接打开它,所以就没有在意。再一次看到它则是在 Windows Codename Chicago (Windows 95 的开发代号) 的桌面左下角处了,它在当时的确是一个调试工具。


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