TONT 33323 遍尝商店里每种口味的狗粮

原文标题:Sampling every flavor of dogfood in the store


During the development of Windows 95, everybody was, of course, self-hosted and upgraded the operating system on a regular basis as new builds came out. I took it upon myself never to install the operating system twice the same way. Each time I ran setup, I would give different answers to the questions. Maybe this time, I’ll leave out Wordpad and bind NetBIOS over TCP/IP to my Xircom parallel-port network adapter. Or maybe I wouldn’t choose any networking drivers at all during setup and try to add them later. Towards the beginning of the project, nearly every run of setup would run into some strange problem, and some developer from whatever component I decided to configure randomly would be in my office at the debugger trying to figure out what happened. (Fortunately, as the project matured, the problems were rarer and rarer.)

在 Windows 95 的研发过程中,伴随着新编译版本的发布,每个人都时常对手里的版本自行托管、自行升级。我的做法则是从来不用同一种方法运行安装程序两次。每次我运行安装程序的时候,我都会对安装程序给出的提问做出不同的回答。可能这次,我会选择不安装写字板,然后把 NetBIOS over TCP/IP 协议配置在 Xircom 并口网卡上,下次则可能在安装时什么网络驱动程序也不装,等装完系统后再进行配置。在整个开发流程最开始的时候,几乎每次运行安装程序都会遇到一些奇怪的问题,然后负责我随机挑选进行配置的某个组件对应的开发者就会来到我的办公室,打开调试器,试着搞清楚到底发生了什么事。(幸而随着整个工程逐渐成熟之后,类似的问题也变得越来越罕见了。)

I was, you might say, sampling every flavor of dogfood in the store.

也可以说,我这是在遍尝商店里每种口味的狗粮。(译注:Eat your own dogfood 字面意思是『吃自家的狗粮』,在软件开发中,则指『自己开发的产品,自己得先用』,即进行内部测试。)

I would also do crazy things for nightly stress runs. My favorite was to run stress over a parallel port direct cable connection. I don’t think it ever occurred to anyone to test DCC quite this way.



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