TONT 33303 硬塞狗粮

原文标题:Force-feeding the dogfood


Windows 95 contained some new networking features, and since I was one of those crazy people who sampled every flavor of dogfood in the store, I actually tried out all of them. One of the features, a network protocol, I thought was interesting enough that I decided to help them out by forcing everybody else on the team to dogfood it.

Windows 95 包含了一些新的网络功能。鉴于我是会遍尝店里每种口味狗粮的那种人(译注:见上一篇),我是真的都试了一个遍。对于其中一个功能(某个网络协议),我觉得它很有趣,最终使我决定通过让团队里的每个人都尝一尝这份狗粮的味道的方式,来帮助对应团队的人将它做好。

Here’s how I did it.


I had a bunch of debugging documents and other materials that people generally found useful. I put them on my machine, which acted as a file server. Anybody who wanted these files had to install the network protocol in order to get them. And the files were valuable enough that people were willing to take a chance on a new network driver just to get them. Not only did the client side of the driver get a lot of dogfood test coverage, so too did the server side, since my computer would be servicing a lot of simultaneous connections from people reading my documents. I remember finding a variety of interesting bugs this way. (And of course I ran stress over this protocol.)


I later became friends with the lead tester for the protocol, and he told me that my simple act of force-feeding the dogfood to every other member of the Windows 95 team was a key element of making their feature a success.

后来我跟这个协议的领头开发者成了朋友,他告诉我,我这种让 Windows 95 开发团队的每个人都被强塞一遍狗粮(译注:咳咳)的做法是令他们研发的功能成功的关键元素之一。


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