TONT 32693 『诱饵』视觉样式


During the development of Windows XP, the visual design team were very cloak-and-dagger about what the final visual look was going to be. They had done a lot of research and put a lot of work into their designs and wanted to make sure that they made a big splash at the E3 conference when Luna was unveiled. Nobody outside the visual styles team, not even me, knew what Luna was going to look like. On the other hand, the programmers who were setting up the infrastructure for visual styles needed to have something to test their code against. And something had to go out in the betas.

在 Windows XP 的开发过程中,视觉设计团队对系统最终的外观讳莫如深。团队进行了大量的研究,对设计投入了很大的精力,意在确保Luna主题在E3展会上揭晓时可以大放异彩。团队之外,没有任何人——即便是我对Luna会长什么样有所认知。另一方面,为视觉样式功能编写基础代码的工程师们,则需要一些可以用来测试他们代码的东西,而 Beta 版也总得放点什么进去。

The visual styles team came up with two styles. In secret, they worked on Luna. In public, they worked on a “decoy” visual style called “Mallard”. (For non-English speakers: A mallard is a type of duck commonly used as the model for decoys.) The ruse was so successful that people were busy copying the decoy and porting it to their own systems. (So much for copyright protection.)



  1. Windows XP 在开发过程中还曾出现过一个视觉主题叫“Watercolor”,水彩。这个视觉主题和当今的扁平化设计风格很类似(和Windows 8的Metro UI类似),我也挺喜欢这个视觉主题的。


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